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Commercial Wall and Window Graphics


Commercial Wall, Floor and Window Graphics

Fully customizable graphics can be designed to fit your specific business needs and help build your brand. We can provide your business with various forms of graphics such as wall, window and floor graphics. Such graphics can be designed with bold colours and large fonts that will not only allow your existing customers to return but will also attract new customers. With our expertise, you can use these graphics to provide a relatively inexpensive but effective means of advertising for your business.

Window graphics

It is hard for one to pass by stores and in malls without seeing various stores displaying attractive window designs. Window graphics can be designed to include eye catching logos to advertise weekly deals or new products. This works as an effective advertising tool by drawing the attention of all passerby’s and driving customer traffic towards your business. All aspects of window graphics are fully customizable including colours, dimensions and content. The versatility of window graphics means you can use them all year round to increase sales. An ultra-clear variant of the films also ensures that the visibility through the windows is high while providing graphics that standout.

Wall graphics

For many businesses and offices, walls are the most underutilized yet most effective means of advertising. Wall graphics can be fully customized and installed to serve various purposes. Not only can wall graphics serve to draw attention of customers towards new products or services, but it can also serve as a means of beautifying the room. Since the dimensions of these graphics can be determined by you, they can be applied to walls of all sizes, both indoor and outdoor.

Floor graphics

Floor graphics provide businesses and stores an opportunity to draw their customers’ attention towards an otherwise uncluttered space. Floor graphics can be made to advertise new products as well as direct customers to your location by using bright colours and pictures. With the help of our experienced staff, you can turn your existing logos and brands into attractive floor graphics that will be sure to drive  business your way.

Let our staff at AGE films help you determine the perfect graphics for you. We will help you in every step of the process, from designing a new logo to installing your fully customizable graphics. Let us help you take your advertising campaign to a new level!






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Your privacy is important, we do not provide information to third parties.