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Residential Sun Control Window Film



Windows are an essential element of any home, providing both aesthetic value and a source of natural light and an addition to any façade. However, they can also allow excessive heat inside, cause upholstery to fade and expose the skin to damage from UV rays. Home window tinting helps keep you and your home protected from the harmful effects of natural light without removing the positive ambience it creates.

  • Minimise Energy Usage. Reduce Costs.

    AGE Films uses window films that repel as much as 80% of the sun’s heat with technology sourced from some of the industry’s leading global manufacturers. This heat reduction can make your air conditioner up to 30% cheaper to run, and can vastly improve the uncomfortable hotspots that can appear throughout the home.

  • Prevent Fading. Preserve Furniture.

    Blocking UV rays before they penetrate the interior of your home is a great way to prevent sunlight from fading your furniture, upholstery, pictures, rugs, paintings, fabrics, flooring, wallpaper and other surfaces. Our window films are specially developed to repel as much as 99% of UV rays before they enter your home.

  • Reduce Glare. Be Comfortable.

    In addition to preventing excessive heat and fading of upholstery, our window films can help provide a distinct reduction in glare. This means you can watch your favourite movie, work on your laptop or do anything else without having to worry about where you are positioned in the room in relation to the sun.

Spectrally Selective Window Films
Spectrally Selective Window Films
  • Repels up to 60% of heat while still letting as much
    as 70% of visible light inside
  • Transparent film that won’t affect the interior or exterior
  • Lower reflectivity than glass that doesn’t have a film
Ceramic Window Films
Ceramic Window Films
  • Let’s in up to 50% of visible light while shielding the
    interior from 59% of heat
  • Moderately tinted to offer additional minimisation of glare
  • Minor alteration to appearance of windows
Classic Series Window Films
Classic Series Window Filmse
  • Reflects 80% solar heat while up to 50% of
    natural light is let through
  • Darker tint for improved privacy and high glare reduction
  • Low reflectivity for better visibility in the evening






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Your privacy is important, we do not provide information to third parties.