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Car Care Technologies

3M Car Care Technologies
  • Block up to 97% of the sun’s harmful infrared radiation
  • Clean & protect your car with our detailing system
  • Defend your cars exterior and interior
  • Promote your business with fleet graphics
  • Protect your car’s paint with paint protection film

Automotive Car Tint

Automotive Car Detailing

Car Paint Protector

Vehicle Branding & Car Graphics


Sun Control Films

Sun Control Films
  • Blocks up to 84% of sun’s solar radiation
  • Lowers air conditioning bills by up to 30%
  • Protects from 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays
  • Cuts up to 84% of annoying glare
  • Prevent hot spots % ensure even temperature

Residential Sun Control Window Film

Commercial Sun Control Window Film

Marine Sun Control Window Film

Decorative Films & Commercial Graphics

Decorative Window Film
  • Add a designer touch to your windows
  • Use windows, walls & floors to advertise products
  • Architectural finishes resembling natural materials
  • Run videos on glass – even in the daytime!
  • Create innovative POS stands and banners

Decorative Window Films

Window Graphics

Architectural Finishes

Safety and Security Window Film

Safety and Security Window Film
  • Protect from the dangers of breaking glass
  • Reduce the risk of injuries
  • Defend from the threat of bomb blasts and explosions
  • Deter burglars and thieves
  • Hold glass and mirrors together
  • Protect your marine vessel from pirate attacks and accidental glass breakage

Residential Safety and Security Window Film

Anti Shatter Film

Marine Safety and Security Window Film


Apex Gulf Enterprises is a professional window tinting company that provides a comprehensive range of window tint solutions. Serving the Dubai market since 1981, we have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to design a specialized solution to meet every tinting requirement. From car windows to entire building windows, our company has the tools, resources, manpower, and experience to deliver unparalleled solutions to meet your specific needs.

Get top quality tinting solutions and more from the trusted experts in Dubai today – Apex Gulf Enterprises.


Since we started in 1981, we have stood firm on our commitment to produce only the highest quality products, services, and solutions for our customers. That is why, for the past 30 years and counting, we have partnered only with best-in-class manufacturers to build a robust product portfolio that is localised to the needs of the Dubai market. We offer an array of unique and specialised products, made from high quality materials to ensure maximum longevity, reliability, durability, and utility.

Films for Building and Home Windows

Research reveals energy expenditure in the UAE has grown at a rate of 4 per cent annually since 2009, and will continue to increase to 5 per cent by 2020. The increase is driven by numerous factors, including rapid urbanisation and population growth. The UAE government is intent to curb this increase, and one of its key measures is improving building energy efficiency. For property owners, one of the simplest ways to improve energy efficiency is the application of window films. Window tinting in Dubai can help reduce the cost of air-conditioning, prevent glare from polluting indoor environments, and preventshattering.

Our advanced sun control films are designed to reduce up to 85 per cent of solar heat, keeping you cool and comfortable indoors. Additionally, we also offer decorative films for a variety of applications. Whether you are looking to improve the branding of your office, or bring more life to your workspace, we have products that are just for you.

Automotive Products

In addition to our building and residential window tint products, we also offer a wide variety of solutions for road vehicles. We provide customised vehicle graphics, paint protection films, and car window tinting in Dubai for road vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Car owners looking for professional car waxing, polishing and detailing can also count on us to deliver exceptional service every time.

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Your privacy is important, we do not provide information to third parties.